Sun Ce “Deconstruct & Decode, Reconstruct & Recode” (5 Aug – 19 Sept 2015)

《移动山水27号》 ,90x90 cm

Green Art Asia is proud to display a specially selected collection of works from Chinese Contemporary artist Sun Ce.

Sun Ce - PotraitThe artist is a very active young artist born 1982 in Shenyang, China. He graduated from the Oil Painting department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and has exhibited his works around the world including a solo exhibition in the Today Art Museum in China, and exhibitions in the Incheon World City Exhibition in South Korea, the BRIC Art Space in Milan, Italy, etc.

In the beginning during his post-graduate period, he made several attempts of “trial and error” on language, style and intermediary. He kept making “mistakes” and he kept developing. In this exhibition “Deconstruct & Decode, Reconstruct & Recode”, we can see a more completed aspect of his painting. Sun Ce’s painting originated from the recode of traditional landscape painting or visual resources to the aesthetic experience and visual equation of traditional painting, a method is dispel and reconstruction. On one hand, it projects the fun and visual system to be decoded from traditional landscape paintings. On another hand, it pushes hard on language expression, in order to deliver fresh aesthetic experience from painting. The so-called language expression means language is not only instrumental, stylized and narrative but also a new form of art and culture value, a form of expression – has been Sun Ce’s aim in the recent five years.

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