Chen Lin “Beneath the Text” (5 June – 5 July 2015)


Green Art Asia is proud to display an exclusive selection of works from Chinese Contemporary artist Chen Lin.

The artist is currently residing in Songzhuang, China, the most famous and biggest artist community in China. The first artists that moved here include Yue Minjun and Fang Lijun in the early 1990’s.

vxChen Lin’s works are the results of multiple layering of Chinese text, often from famous books such as the “Heart Sutra” by Song Dynasty prince and calligrapher Zhao Mengfu, Sculpting in Time, Lyrical Abstraction”, etc. The artist filled the canvas with layers of repeated Chinese text through extensive years of process… For some paintings, he even took 2 years to finish the piece. What appears to be abstract is a canvas filled with repeatedly overlapping knowledge and definitions.

“Painted with the same text, the same as with our lifestyle, painting is just an expression of my habit of self, and I also hope that every reader can throw away the existing knowledge or intrinsic criteria to interpret in their own way.”

Today, many are force fed with controlling factors of how it should and should not be. Art has no established rules; there is no clear purpose and the possibilities for it are endless.  The artist thinks that too controlling factors  would confuse and restrict people.  Such as too much force-fed knowledge will lead to lost of sense of original and quality.

Chen Lin challenges every reader with existing knowledge or intrinsic criteria and create interpretations freely in their own way.

Youth《青春》100X100cm 布面油画 2012(s)《青春》局部8b

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