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Green Art Asia x Golden World Motors x Privé Group

The fusion of art and automobiles has been powered in thrilling exhibits worldwide including our featured top-notch artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring together with established luxury car manufacturers Porsche, Mini Cooper, BMW and Ferrari,etc.

Green Art Asia conveyed the first ever Art + Automobile exhibition at a secret car showroom in Hong Kong with“The Master of Ink Dots” Nan Qi.  ART CAR highlighted the way to three prime luxuries – Car, Power and Sex, creating a drive in this ceaseless society. Moved by the concept of the fundamental three, Green Art Asia presented the signature Chinese ink dots through projecting Nan Qi’s dots on a luxury car, along with especially created artworks for ART CAR.

Subsequent to Green Art Asia’s distinctive mark from the typical gallery-set norm, the whereabouts of ART CAR was held in a luxury car showroom in Tsim Sha Tsui, where guests were conducted along a grand red carpet with a display of awe-inspiring artworks, as they are served with premium canapés and wine, from BUNGALOW by Privé Group.

art car_newsThe ART CAR Secret Art Pop-up welcomed our special guests, Mr. Alexi Fung, the Managing Director of Bonhams and the Master of Ink Dots himself, artist Nan Qi.