Wu Liangyan “Study Hard! Dream Big!” (31 Aug – 14 Oct 2016)


Green Art Asia presents the works of Chinese contemporary sculptor, Wu Liangyan.

Wu Liangyan (b.1982, Chinese) is a Chinese Sculptor born in Fujian, China.  Wu graduated from the prestigious Fujian Art Institute.  Wu Liangyan has exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing and France.

Wu seeks to highlight social problems that stem from the overly competitive societies in today’s world.   Children are deprived of their childhood – to play and have fun, and instead are dealing with the pressure of society.  The ideal of studying well in order to attain a good career and progression for the future is deeply ingrained in the Chinese culture.  To be better, to get good grades, to succeed, to be ‘this’ and ‘that’ – the youth are over-consumed by these high expectations.

unspecified-7In his works, the same figure is used –  a red tie. The red tie is part of every Chinese student’s uniform. To Wu and many young artists growing up under the Communist regime, this also represents the expectation to be acknowledged of the youths.  Children are expected to live up to the standards set by the elderly of society – of what they want and what they can achieve.  A star is placed underneath each sculpture, rendering the overall composition of the boy to be that of a trophy prize that perhaps a parent can bring home and display to others.  The chubby cheeks of the boy in Wu’s subject matter are symbolic of the over-inflated desires and goals that the youth today carry within them.

Constantly looking upwards with a beaming smile, the figure in Wu’s sculpture reflects positive thinking, determination, with the strong desire to achieve what he wants for himself, against all odds.

Wu encourages everyone to keep smiling, Study hard & Dream big!

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