Tim Tse “Inner Happiness” (8 April – 22 May)

GREEN ART ASIA presents the works of Artist/Polarity Healer Tim Tse in Inner Happiness.

Timothy Tse was born in Swansea, South Wales, to a U.K Welsh Mother and a Chinese Father. Tse has had an interest in art since a young age, having practiced calligraphy at school, and an interest in words and poetry, since living next to the birth home of Dylan Thomas, the famous Welsh poet.

Since 1993 Tse has been a Polarity Therapy healer, using massage, diet, yoga, and bio-sonic sound therapy to heal people.

Tse given treatments to celebrities including: The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Sting, Maggie Q, and Jocelyn Brown to name a few. Over the past 3 years he has been offering pre-natal, postnatal, natural induction, and fertility treatments with magical results.

For 6 months Tse placed the sand throughout various shrines and temples in Hong Kong to absorb positive energies, before adding to these art pieces.

“The subconscious has a huge effect of our daily life, and often needs conscious reminding of where we sometimes need to focus, such as happiness, extension of a healthy life, and contentment, with the assistance to look within”.

These particular pieces are 100 talismanic characters of the word ‘fu’ – happiness (each and every character means ‘happiness’) the other one of the pair is 100 talismanic characters of the word ‘shou’ – longevity, both to be presented side by side.

GREEN ART ASIA invites you to look within and remind ourselves to be positive!

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