Ban Zhang “The Pain of Happiness” (Oct 30 – Nov 30, 2014)

Ban Zhang is one of the first Chinese pioneer sculptors living today.He was the finalist of the First year long contemporary Sculpture Exhibition at the He Xiangning Art Museum in 1998. In 2011, he had a Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial Exhibition at the Chinese University. Also, he has exhibited his works at Hong Kong Museum of Art,  West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade and won many awards such as the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award and Philippe Charriol Art Foundation Award, etc.

  Human Soul  Rose Love

From Oct 30th,2014, Ban Zhang’s exhibition “The Pain of Happiness” with Green Art Asia, he aspired to relay the true meaning of happiness through his signature metal nails and stainless steel hanger works.

Life is a dark comedy and beauty.  Zhang highlights the existence of the pain brought upon by the intangibles – resilient emotions and pondered thoughts.

A prick from a pointed spike causes pain for a few seconds and is gone right after…

Ban Zhang illustrates the inner feelings of human feelings. His works are ironic yet humorous; he laughs about the world psychologically, politically and emotionally in which he illustrates that there is pain involved in everything. If you are brave enough, then you will get true happiness.There is no pain, no gain…


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