“ART + HK” (17-28 Oct 2016)


Green Art Asia x Sun International Auction

Green Art Asia, together with Sun International Auction invites you to ART + HK, an exhibition highlighting the meaning of Hong Kong, interpreted by artists using different styles – from paintings made from real blowflies, paintings viewed in 360 degrees, lights and technology, functional art lamps  to 3D Chinese ink dots.

“Different Artists, Different Views, Different Styles, Same HONG KONG.” 

ART + HK features works from different artists with different backgrounds, views, and styles…
  • Jlee 360, illustrating the beauty of multicultural Hong Kong, full of colours, insights, views and opinions through surrealistic abstract paintings that can be viewed in many ways, a conceptual 360 degree perspective.
  • Teddy Lo shows the vibrancy, fast pace and advancement of Hong Kong by capturing rapid movements using lights and technology.
  • Raymond Lam critiques a society obsessed with appearance, money and power, using real blowflies in his works to challenge the audience to look beyond the surface.
  • Vaan Ip portrays the cramped and crowded Hong Kong through his caged lamps and functional sculptures, yet often imbues his work with playful elements to symbolize hope and inspiration.
  • Nan Qi, The Master of Ink Dots, presents political insights about Hong Kong and China by using Chinese ink to create meticulously hand-painted dots.

RSVP required.  Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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