ART HOME: “POWER OF DOTS” (12 June – 12 August 2016)

ART HOME power of dots (Invite)


ART HOME is a Secret Art Pop-Up private viewing exhibition set inside an actual home. ART HOME provides a pleasant, intimate atmosphere to bring exclusive art lovers, collectors and VIPs together. Subsequent to the concept of ART HOME, Green Art Asia creates surprising changes, different every single time.

From HONG KONG TO BASEL, SWITZERLAND, “ART HOME: POWER of DOTS” merges Art + Currency featuring “The Master of Ink Dots” Nan Qi.

The worlds of art and investing collide as investing in the art could be a viable alternative to stocks. Buying art shows a positive outcome regardless of an environment of high inflation and large macroeconomic instability as the business of stock investing is black and white, while in the colourful world of art, it goes beyond the surface and invokes emotions. You buy for your own viewing pleasure, something that you love, which is ultimately what art is about – for enlightenment and pleasure, a part of you that you could keep for life, and at the same time, have a potential for a high return.

Nan Qi’s “Currency” series highlights the global economic power between international currencies such as the US dollar, Europe’s euro, and the Chinese yuan – profoundly political figures that merge into the global balance of power, moreover, it correlates with each individual, regardless of race, age or gender.

Green Art Asia invites you to “Follow you heART to your HOME.”

The Online exhibition runs until 12 August 2016

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