Exhibition Details

Feb 23 – April 23, 2024

Kwai Bun – “Mutating Identity”

Green Art Asia is pleased to present the online solo exhibition “Mutating Identity” by Artist Kwai Bun.

Kwai Bun is a visual artist with pure mastery in sophistication of lines, as he improvised through 100+ sessions of life drawing human figures in the past 7 years, Some describe his works as “Subconscious maps of human” or “Live portraits the blizzard 1-line way”.

Kwai Bun has exhibited in PHVLO HATCH with fashion designer Johanna Ho, 2021, and in “Multiple Identities” group exhibition at Lucie Chang Fine Arts 2023 curated by Jessica Lee (Jlee).

A common artistic trait can be found in his special photography “Huge Instant Photo”, where he personally takes pictures of the models and develops the huge photos right in front of the subjects/models.

Both his artworks and portrait photography works with “subjects in the happenings”, where he believes are the essence of his works.

His obsession with human figures also manifested in his patented technology: “Quantum Human”, by coding himself on human anatomy-related technology for 10 years, on 3D human scanning and human-fabric fashion technology.

Due to his highly original yet contradicting works in both traditional art and technology engineering, (also huge camera construction and entrepreneurship), many would wonder how he seemingly fully utilizes his left and right brain.

Kwai Bun’s creative endeavours and business has won numerous awards and media coverage. His photography has shot 100+ VIP portraits, many of them are renowned artists, actors, singers, musicians, performers, film directors, fashion models, photographers, influencers, technologists, entrepreneurs, directors of listed companies, etc

“100 hours of sadism” by Kwai Bun represents a partial collection from 100 hours of life drawing human subjects, spanned in 50 sessions of life drawing. His creations starts as soon as the subject starts posing, and stop as the subject stops. Hence retaining 100% authenticity of life drawing that he sacredly abides.

Unlike illustration that is created by imagination, his works are “reaction to subject against time”. Each piece records thousands of second-to-second tight battle with affection, mental dissection of the subject, and emotional footprints of himself. “It’s like a happening each time when i’m drawing the live subject, i allow my impression to them to magnify a hundred times, that i can’t help to mentally idolize, maltreat, engulf, dissect them into pieces, onto the canvas. It’s like I’m a “human sampler” of some sort.”

“I have no grandiose message to convey, no sarcasm to offer. I just dedicate my pure honesty to counter the otherwise highly intellectual part in my profession: software coding, a proficient part of me that i hated”

What you see on the paper are actually more naked than the naked subject. Each of his works had a lifespan that borns at the subject’s first pose, grew throughout the session, and matured at her/his last pose. “That’s all I want to document, the time the subject and I shared, unique and irreversible. And what you are looking at is the specimen of that sacred slice of time.”

Gravity Island

Ink on paper, 2013, 77.5 cm x 53.5 cm


Ink on paper, 2015, 75.5 cm x 54 cm


Ink on paper, 2015, 75.5 cm x 54 cm


Ink on paper, 2016, 75.5 cm x 54 cm


Ink on paper, 2013, 77.5 cm x 53.5 cm


Ink on paper, 2014, 77.5 cm x 53.5 cm


Ink on paper, 2016, 76 cm x 54 cm/p>

Ancient Physique

Ink on Paper, 2015, 97 x 73 cm


Ink on Paper, Ink on Paper, 2016, 95 x 73.5 cm

Blue Collar

Ink on Paper, Ink on Paper, 2016, 95 x 73.5 cm