ART HOME for PEACE (19 Mar – 3 May 2016) Secret Art Pop-up

ART HOME for PEACE invite

ART HOME is a Secret Art Pop-Up private viewing exhibition set inside an actual home. ART HOME provides a pleasant, intimate atmosphere to bring exclusive art lovers, collectors and VIPs together. Subsequent to the concept of ART HOME, Green Art Asia creates surprising changes, different every single time.

ART HOME for PEACE highlights a meaningful cause, in line with the World’s Largest Call for Peace – the Non-Violence Project. We invite you to join hand in hand together  with renowned international and local icons Peace Ambassadors Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, and more, together with Chinese and Hong Kong artists Nan Qi, South Ho and Vaan Ip, under one roof to create a significant difference.

Green Art Asia invites you to “Follow you heART to your HOME.”

Tickets are sold at HKD 100 each. *Limited Seats Only


The Online exhibition runs until 3 May 2016

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