Tim Tse “Inner Happiness” (8 April – 22 May)

GREEN ART ASIA presents the works of Artist/Polarity Healer Tim Tse in Inner Happiness.

Timothy Tse was born in Swansea, South Wales, to a U.K Welsh Mother and a Chinese Father. Tse has had an interest in art since a young age, having practiced calligraphy at school, and an interest in words and poetry, since living next to the birth home of Dylan Thomas, the famous Welsh poet.

Since 1993 Tse has been a Polarity Therapy healer, using massage, diet, yoga, and bio-sonic sound therapy to heal people.

Tse given treatments to celebrities including: The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Sting, Maggie Q, and Jocelyn Brown to name a few. Over the past 3 years he has been offering pre-natal, postnatal, natural induction, and fertility treatments with magical results.

For 6 months Tse placed the sand throughout various shrines and temples in Hong Kong to absorb positive energies, before adding to these art pieces.

“The subconscious has a huge effect of our daily life, and often needs conscious reminding of where we sometimes need to focus, such as happiness, extension of a healthy life, and contentment, with the assistance to look within”.

These particular pieces are 100 talismanic characters of the word ‘fu' - happiness (each and every character means 'happiness') the other one of the pair is 100 talismanic characters of the word 'shou' - longevity, both to be presented side by side.

GREEN ART ASIA invites you to look within and remind ourselves to be positive!

ART HOME MEDITATION Opening (10 March 2017)

Thank you for your continuous support!  Green Art Asia's ART HOME MEDITATION was full of ART, HEALTH, LOVE, GREEN with artworks, art jamming, singing bowl meditation, tea tasting, polarity healing and more, a celebration for everyone of all ages, with guest presenters Jason Swamy, Co-founder of Wonderfruit, Rosemary Vandenbroucke Yoga & Health Coach, Angie Palmer, Veganastic Author, Ai Matsui, Sound Therapist,Tim Tse, Polarity Healer & a participating artist, along with artists Teddy Lo, Vaan Ip and special guests Gigi Chao and Sean Eav, HK Celebrity.

The exhibition runs till 28 March 2017.  Strictly by appointment only, 1-8pm.
Please let us know your preferred time and date of visit at least one day before.

Secret Venue will only be revealed to those who have successfully made their appointment.
*Wong Chuk Hang 2 minutes away from MTR

More pictures can been seen on www.facebook.com/greenartasia

ART HOME: MEDITATION (10 Mar – 28 Mar 2017)



GET YOUR TICKETS @  https://arthomemeditation.pelago.events

The unique art exhibition opening includes:

  • Special Guest Speakers & Artists
  • Artworks from renowned and emerging artists
  • An experience of the purifying vibrations of Singing Bowl Meditation
  • An introduction to Polarity Therapy, and its principals of using touch, reflex and accupressure to balance energy flow in the body
  • Art Jamming
  • Healthy canapés, vegan food and drinks
  • Prizes

March is an exciting month for art lovers in Hong Kong as fairs such as Art Basel and Art Central take over our city. To celebrate, Green Art Asia presents a unique art exhibition that cannot be missed; a wellness themed exhibition that looks at how art can impact your life and health, physically, psychologically, and emotionally - ART HOME: Meditation. ART HOME: Meditation opening event offers a wholesome and multi sensory Art + Wellness experience, presenting artworks from renowned international artists along with demonstrations and talks about various health and wellness practices.

Green Art Asia‘s ART HOME is a Secret Art Pop-Up private viewing exhibition inside a home setting. ART HOME provides a pleasant, intimate atmosphere to bring together exclusive art lovers, collectors and VIPs. Green Art Asia creates surprising changes with each edition of ART HOME, with different locations and themes every single time. For this 6th edition of ART HOME Green Art Asia highlights the connection between art and health from a holistic perspective. Art is just one of the many therapeutic methods that plays an important part is creating a healthy well-balanced life. Art stimulates our senses and connects us to our emotions. Expressing ourselves through art can help with self-discovery, relief and overall better mental health.

ART HOME: Meditation will include artworks from internationally renowned artist Li Chen, the first Chinese artist invited to do a solo exhibition at the Venice Biennale; light artist Teddy Lo who has exhibited at the Luminale in Frankfurt, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Arts, and Museum of Art and Design in NYC; Alvin Tan, a Singaporean artist and designer who was featured at Art Stage Singapore 2016; celebrated Hong Kong artist Vaan Ip, 2016 Venice Biennale Architectural Participant, this year showcasing at Asia Society; and artist and healer Tim Tse who has given treatments to celebrities including The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Sting, and Maggie Q. The exhibition will also feature sculptures from the Non-Violence Project (www.nonviolence.com), a non-profit organization founded to honour the memory of John Lennon by educating today’s youth about peace and non-violent conflict resolution. Each limited edition sculpture features designs by celebrity peace ambassadors, including Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr and world heavy weight champion Mohammad Ali.

The event will be held in a secret venue which is decorated with a vast collection of international furniture and award winning design art pieces.
Contact info@greenartasia.com for more information.



Justin Lee Commissioned Mural


Mural of the Facebook Office Singapore

Our exhibiting artist Justin Lee was invited to commission his work on the mural of the Facebook Office in Singapore and the New Majestic Hotel.

singapore-new-majestic-hotel-singapore-premier-garden-room-oriental-girls-go-west-by-justin-lee stay-new-majestic-hotel singapore-new-majestic-hotel-singapore-premier-pool-room-dajie-by-justin-lee

He has also commissioned works for the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Esplanade Singapore and more...

Commissioned works available upon request.  Contact us at info@greenartasia.com for queries.

DOUBLE HAPPINESS (22 Dec – 15 Feb 2017)


Green Art Asia welcomes a new year with a new online exhibition, “Double Happiness”, featuring the works of Singaporean artist Justin Lee.

Justin Lee’s series of works celebrate life and brings a different understanding of today’s society and lifestyle and feature a blend of east and west cultures. Highlighting significant cultural elements such as the Menshen (門神) or door gods, the divine guardians of doors and gates in Chinese folk religions, used to protect against evil and to encourage the entrance of positivity and good fortune, to everyday objects such as a Coke bottle. His current works reflect on how text, slogans and advertising in today’s world influences and controls our daily lifestyle. His works also reflect on different images from mass media like signage, billboards, consumer products along with symbolic words.

The word ‘囍’, found in his works, originates from the character ‘喜’ that means happiness. The combination signifies double happiness, which symbolises luck, joy, and prosperity.

Justin Lee was awarded Mont Blanc Young Artist World Patronage Project 2006, Hamburg, Germany. He was also awarded the Lasalle Scholarship (Master of Fine Art), NAFA Scholarship for his BA degree course in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 2005 and the National Art Council, Georgette-Chen Arts Scholarship for his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore that he completed in 1999. In 2000, he was selected to complete a 6-months intensive training programme at the Tyler Print Workshop in New York, under Mr. Ken Tyler’s supervision. He returns and worked as an apprentice with the Singapore Tyler Institute for two years.

He has also participated in several solo and group exhibitions and was invited to participate in the Singapore Art Festival in Japan (24 July 05, Aoyama kottou douri, Tokyo), Gwang Ju National Museum and Okgwa Museum in Korea, “6th Culture and Art Festival of Songzhuang” in Beijing, Bangkok (BACC), Taipei- Taiwan, “CausewayEXchange-2011” in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia.

His works are collected by the Singapore Art Museum, Singapore National Museum, Asia Civilizations Museum and Japan “Itoshima Arts Farm”.

Green Art Asia invites you to welcome the new year with double happiness, luck and prosperity.

For available works and queries, contact us at info@greenartasia.com

“THE ART OF FLIES – LOVE & PEACE”  Online Exhibition (10 Nov – 20 Dec 2016)

Raymond Lam, Love  Raymond Lam, Peace

Green Art Asia presents the works of ArtRadar’s “Lord of the Blowflies” Raymond Lam.

Raymond Lam was born in 1983 in Hong Kong and pursued his education in South Wales. Lam has exhibited in various group and solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Australia.

Lam’s works are triggered by the polarised political situation in Hong Kong. Growing up in the British colony of Hong Kong and experiencing firsthand the transition of Hong Kong back to China as a Special Administrative Region, Lam is deeply troubled by the changes he sees.

Highlighting his hometown, Hong Kong, he talks about that moment Hong Kong looked just like a product being traded between two countries, through “Hong Kong Barcode”, the number of the barcode 18420829 is the date when UK and China signed the Treat of Nanking, while 19970701 is the date when HK was handed over to China, and the period of 50 years after Hong Kong’s return to China during which the central government has promised to maintain Hong Kong’s political independence through “50”.  Lam brings up the idea that, “One day, will Hong Kong lose its identity and just be a city from China called Xiang Gang?”

raymond-lam_hkraymond-lam_xgThe exhibition includes a series of artworks created with raw emotions by the artist, featuring the intriguing use of “special” objects –flies, to search for an answer for “What is the ultimate truth in life and in society?”

There are over 3,000 different types of flies. Lam chose the blowfly specifically as a metaphor, comparing it to man. People end up chasing all the wrong things. Especially with society today, people are easily distracted by carnal pleasures, materialism, money, blindly following the norm of society, just like flies that whirl around rotting food.

Lam says that “However, they are rather beautiful, actually, in their own way - All sparkly and delicate…” If people can see beyond the surface, to focus on the positive side of life, the beauty of the colours, instead of focusing on the negative - our differences, disputes, despair, we will live all harmoniously. “Without love, there will be no peace”, and we can only achieve love if we all stand up for it together.

In his works, “Love” and “Peace”Lam used cloth stack up in different way, symbolising its own meaning. He chose fabrics because people from different countries or religions can be identified by their dress and that clothes tell the other people about ourselves.

In “Love” it stacks vertically it means people need to stand tall together. While in “Peace” it stacks horizontally, so it looks like the energy bar, and it is not filled fully. Because the world or Hong Kong is not totally peaceful, we still need to work hard on it to make it full. Lam featured a mirror at the top of the “Peace” artwork, with the aim for viewers to see themselves in the artwork, because everyone can contribute to world peace; if we share our love.

ART + HK Exhibition (Oct 17-28, 2016)


Thank you for your support in Green Art Asia x Sun International Auction's ART + HK exhibition. The exhibition runs till October 28, 2016.

The exclusive Collectors' Party received excellent feedback, highlighting an awe-inspiring Lighting Ceremony of the Lost City functional art lamps, dramatically illuminated one by one to represent the different sides of the city.

With special guests, the participating artists Vaan Ip, Teddy Lo, Jlee 360 and Raymond Lam, along with VIPs, Collectors and Art Professionals, Alexi Fung General Manager of Guardian Auction, Jason Cheung Head of Creative of HKTDC and Prof. Dr. Rainer Volkommer Director of Liechtensteinisches Landes Museum.

As a tribute to Hong Kong, ART + HK featured Hong Kong-themed canapés - Egg Waffles, Dragon's beard candy, Sweet green biscuit and other classic Hong Kong snacks, and local music from artist Teddy Lo's projection music at ICC, and artworks from Vaan Ip, Teddy Lo, Jlee 360, Raymond Lam and Nan Qi.

For exhibition pictures, please check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/greenartasia

Visit SIA Gallery at Unit 3410 – 3416, 34/F, China Merchants Tower Shun Tak Centre, 168-200 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong.  Open from 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm.  Closed on Sundays.

Contact us at info@greenartasia.com for further inquiries.

“ART + HK” (17-28 Oct 2016)


Green Art Asia x Sun International Auction

Green Art Asia, together with Sun International Auction invites you to ART + HK, an exhibition highlighting the meaning of Hong Kong, interpreted by artists using different styles - from paintings made from real blowflies, paintings viewed in 360 degrees, lights and technology, functional art lamps  to 3D Chinese ink dots.

“Different Artists, Different Views, Different Styles, Same HONG KONG.” 

ART + HK features works from different artists with different backgrounds, views, and styles...
  • Jlee 360, illustrating the beauty of multicultural Hong Kong, full of colours, insights, views and opinions through surrealistic abstract paintings that can be viewed in many ways, a conceptual 360 degree perspective.
  • Teddy Lo shows the vibrancy, fast pace and advancement of Hong Kong by capturing rapid movements using lights and technology.
  • Raymond Lam critiques a society obsessed with appearance, money and power, using real blowflies in his works to challenge the audience to look beyond the surface.
  • Vaan Ip portrays the cramped and crowded Hong Kong through his caged lamps and functional sculptures, yet often imbues his work with playful elements to symbolize hope and inspiration.
  • Nan Qi, The Master of Ink Dots, presents political insights about Hong Kong and China by using Chinese ink to create meticulously hand-painted dots.

RSVP required.  Contact us at info@greenartasia.com for more information.

“ART HOME DREAM” (20 Sep – 20 Dec 2016)


Décor Collection x Green Art Asia

Emerging from one of Green Art Asia’s core principles in promoting art in daily lives, Green Art Asia is pleased to collaborate with Décor Collection for its current edition of ART HOME from September to December 2016, since it’s well served appearance this year in ART HOME Basel, Switzerland, now in the Largest One-stop Shopping Mall for Home Furnishing in Hong Kong, HomeSquare.

Different from our previous ART HOME exhibitions, the current collaboration is entirely open to public, allowing every aspiring home-maker to wander in our curated home along with our exclusive Contemporary Art collection, ranging from paintings to sculptures.

As an experienced Art and design consultancy, Green Art Asia is here to serve art lovers in finding their ideal piece of Art from their best interest with pleasure and passion. In the current edition of ART HOME, we have selected multiple Contemporary Art pieces from our exclusive collection of artists ranging from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Greece, to create an ART HOME that meets your unique taste and home styles.

Selected artists include contemporary Shui-mo, master of ink dots, Nan Qi, emerging Chinese contemporary artist Mao Guo who is best known for her family and cartoon portraits, Jessica Lee as known as Jlee 360, who is an “Artist in Many Ways” being the Curator and Founder of ART HOME, Art Dealer, Consultant for the previous home exhibition in HomeSquare and resident Art Blogger for HomeSquare for many years. Vaan Ip, the young and rising artist, who is currently participating in the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, as well as 18th International Sculpture Symposium Icheon in 2015 as the only Chinese participating artist. Last but not least, we are also proud to present Nicole Roumelioti, a young Greek sculptor and painter, who has been gaining international recognition with her romantic imaginative projection of human bodies, she was awarded the First Prize in SCOPE New York at Saatchi Online Pavilion in 2011.

In the current edition of ART HOME, we are again proudly representing the Call for Peace, Non-Violence Project with limited edition of knotted gun sculptures designed by German Formula1 driver Nico Rosberg and the legendary world’s boxing champion, Muhammad Ali. As the exclusive distributing organisation in Hong Kong, it has been our pleasure to promote the charitable art project Call for Peace, initiated by Swedish Artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward as a memorial dedication to the tragic death of John Lennon on 8th December 1980. Carl Fredrik Reutersward has since invited artists, social activists, athletes such as Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, to participate in the charitable art project to promote peace through the practice of art. Call for peace has now gathered over 7 millions supporters worldwide, and is continuing its good will through educational projects in schools and communities to promote peace over violence.

ART HOME DREAM will be open for viewing  from 11:00 am - 9:00 pm20 Sept - 20 December, 2016 at the Décor Collection showroom at HomeSquare Shopping Mall.  Shop 208 - 210, 2/F HomeSquare, 138 Shatin Rural Committee Road, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong


Wu Liangyan “Study Hard! Dream Big!” (31 Aug – 14 Oct 2016)


Green Art Asia presents the works of Chinese contemporary sculptor, Wu Liangyan.

Wu Liangyan (b.1982, Chinese) is a Chinese Sculptor born in Fujian, China.  Wu graduated from the prestigious Fujian Art Institute.  Wu Liangyan has exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions in Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing and France.

Wu seeks to highlight social problems that stem from the overly competitive societies in today's world.   Children are deprived of their childhood – to play and have fun, and instead are dealing with the pressure of society.  The ideal of studying well in order to attain a good career and progression for the future is deeply ingrained in the Chinese culture.  To be better, to get good grades, to succeed, to be ‘this’ and ‘that’ - the youth are over-consumed by these high expectations.

unspecified-7In his works, the same figure is used –  a red tie. The red tie is part of every Chinese student's uniform. To Wu and many young artists growing up under the Communist regime, this also represents the expectation to be acknowledged of the youths.  Children are expected to live up to the standards set by the elderly of society - of what they want and what they can achieve.  A star is placed underneath each sculpture, rendering the overall composition of the boy to be that of a trophy prize that perhaps a parent can bring home and display to others.  The chubby cheeks of the boy in Wu's subject matter are symbolic of the over-inflated desires and goals that the youth today carry within them.

Constantly looking upwards with a beaming smile, the figure in Wu's sculpture reflects positive thinking, determination, with the strong desire to achieve what he wants for himself, against all odds.

Wu encourages everyone to keep smiling, Study hard & Dream big!