Portrait of Two Horses

60 x 71 cm

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Xue Song's works are made of collages of torn pieces of paper, some with their edges burnt, others not. In the early 1990s Xue Song's studio burned down destroying all his works and in a cathartic process he took the ashes of his old works and used them to create new works. He has continued using burnt paper in his work ever since. Many interpretations have thereafter been linked to this burning such as a rebirth not only of Xue Song's art but of a civilisation. Born in 1965, Xue Song would have been old enough to remember life in China well before the opening to the West. As a young adult in the 1980s he would have been aware of many Chinese artists desire to contribute to the regeneration of their culture. His works form a continually evolving body of observation and assessment of his country's adjustments in the post-Mao era.



Portrait of Two Horses


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