Dali Script, Paradise on Earth

24 x 61 cm, Silkscreen Print on Paper, 2009

Limited Edition of 60

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Ye Yongqing is an artist of the Sichuan School, now recognized for his efforts at promotion and solidification of the contemporary Chinese art world. He has spent much of his career painting portraits of birds made up of jagged lines, focusing in recent years on the creation of colorful collages. But for the past decade he has been best known as a curator, arts events organizer, and artist community booster. Born in 1958, Ye lives and works in Beijing and Kunming.



Through Ye’s distinct stroke, the poetic impression of his birds aims to incorporate dreams and mythologies from the world over. Recreating the immediacy of his sketches, in large sweeping gestures, Ye has developed a style that is both traditional and new. His series of paradoxical structures curve the frames of birds: depicting stillness and movement. The distorted frames create both the image of winged creatures and the expansive connections of mythologies, with birds symbolizing the power of spirit throughout legend, East and West.


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