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Welcome to We are an online Art + Design consultancy that specializes in Chinese contemporary art (Hong Kong + China); we work closely with artists around the world. is happy to help you find art pieces and art furniture for your home, office, clubhouses and more. We also source and customize art furniture.

Our tailor-made artwork collection and commissioning artworks service is available around the clock, offering artworks ranging from HKD 3,000 to HKD 300,000. Our collection of up-and-coming and emerging Chinese artists consist of those by promising, auction-proved Artists, as well as those with great potential across different styles and genres.

A more exclusive, private collection and curation service is designed exclusively for VIPS ,private collectors and our loyal old customers and beloved friends by invitation only. For more information, please contact [email protected]

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Med Ting “Heart Sutra” Exhibition (Aug 25 – Sep 25)


ArtBaselHongKong2014-logo_000Med Ting showcases her two series, "Heart Sutra" and "The Realm of Perception" in this online exhibition from Aug 25 to Sep 25,2014. In these series, Med explores subjects of spirituality, cultural identity, conflict between inner and outer self, and various interpretation of the real and the surreal. For the Heart Sutra series, each painting has Heart Sutra written on or hidden between layers inside the paintings. The words of the heart sutra in some of the paintings have been turned into the shape of Crowd, tabbing into crowd psychology and exploring mass consciousness. More of her works can be explored and enjoyed here.